Business Solutions


With more than 140 years of combined experience in the insurance business, Florida Financial Group can help turn your benefits plan into a strategic investment by helping you achieve your objectives of employee attraction, retention and productivity.



Our firm has representatives focused on the Small Business market in order to help people like you identify and achieve their small business goals.  These are just some of the needs we help small business owners accomplish:

  • Retirement Income - Have you saved enough to maintain your lifestyle and become independent of the business?
  • Key Person - If a key employee becomes disabled, resigns or dies, would the business suffer financially?
  • Succession Planning - Have you identified the steps necessary to transfer your business to others at a fair price?
  • Executive Benefits - Have you created programs to recruit, reward, and retain key employees?
  • Estate Planning - Can you successfully transfer the assets you have worked a lifetime to accumulate?
  • Disability Protection- If you become disabled, would you be able to meet your business and personal obligations?


Education in the Workplace

Florida Financial Group has an ambitious objective to provide financial education to employees in companies of any size and to individuals through university workshops.  We offer strategies and solutions that educate you to help make informed financial decisions for every stage of your life.

Informative workshops on a variety of topics give employees access to a full range of options in financial education.   

We offer interactive seminars delivered by professional Financial Services Representatives at your workplace and at universities.  These seminars are tailored to the needs and requirements of the audience and focused on information, not sales pitches.  Our goal is to be a valued resource for your education and providing trusted advice that can benefit you.


To discuss how Florida Financial Group can support you or your employees' need for financial education contact:

Tracy Martin Pick 

(352) 629-9555 or