Life Transitions

Life is full of change.  Let Florida Financial Group help guide you for an easy transition. 


Congratulations!  You're Getting Married.

Now that you are getting ready to walk down the aisle, there are some financial "Honey Do" Lists you should consider: 

Combine Your Finances – Now it's time to communicate with each other, especially about finances.  You should take some time to discuss and understand where each of you are financially and develop a plan for your financial future.

Plan for the Unexpected - Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan. When something unplanned happens, it's usually at an inopportune time. Sometimes these events can have a dramatic impact on your life and deplete your savings.  That's why it's important to have an emergency plan for the unexpected.

Plan for the Long Term – When getting married, you may think on the immediate situation and shorter-term goals.   Planning for the long term is important and putting together a plan can help make reaching your goals attainable.


Buying a Home

Whatever your need, you want to make your home the best and safest place it can be.  With buying a home, comes more responsibilities.  Talk with a financial professional to help you understand what you may need. 


Family is Growing  

The first few years of your child's life are an extraordinary time filled with astounding changes and rewarding triumphs. However, children don't come with handbooks and navigating each stage of your child's development will likely deliver a new set of challenges and opportunities.  Whether you are a new parent, a single parent, researching options or looking for tips take the time to talk with one of our representatives to help give you answers and rest easy.